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50 Years at Sunset Congregational Church is:

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The inception of this Congregation was April 16, 1961, when a small group of people met with the Pastor of Coral Gables Congregational Church to discuss the possibility of establishing a church in the Southwest area of Miami. On May 5, 1961 the first service was held in the South West Senior High catetorium, under the tentative name ” The Fellowship of Southwest United Church” Rev. Robert Ingraham conducted these services.

The fellowship changed its name to “Southwest United Church Congregational” in 1962, and again to First Southwest United Church in 1963. Services continued at the high school with everyone taking turns preparing coffee and refreshments. Meeting were held in parishioners homes. A Church Constitution and by-laws were written, in 1963 as the Church was granted standings as a congregation of the United Church of Christ.

Rev. Roscoe Riley was called as the pastor of the church, and he served from January to November of 1964. Rev. Melvin Dollar served as interim pastor until Rev. Harry Snyder accepted the congregations call in April 1965.

The Congregation continued to worship at the high school until it occupied the present home on December 1965 and that same year it’s name was once more changed to “Cross of Glory, United Church of Christ’. In 1975 the name of the church was change yet again to it’s current name ” Sunset Congregational Church, United Church of Christ”.

The present site at 9025 Sunset Drive was purchased in 1965. The buildings were designed by the late Mrs. Mildred Cox as a private home and built in 1957. Constructed of Pecky Swap Cypress and Brick, the buildings were an adaptation of Mrs Cox’s great grandfather’s barn in the mountains of North Carolina. The orgional architect, Francis Talesca, returned to design the necessary alterations to convert the structure into a place of worship. Members of the congregation did the renovation work…. The Sanctuary was dedicated to God in May of 1966.

Rev. Synder resigned as Pastor in 1967, as the Rev. Robert Ingraham delivered Sunday sermons until Rev. Charles Mory accepted the call as Pastor in May of 1968 and served our church until January of 1995. Rev. Nancy Callaham served as interim Pastor until April 1996 when Pastor Paul Forrey, accepted the congregation’s call. Rev. Forrey served until March 2005.

At present Rev. Danny Roman is serving Sunset Congregational Church, and is bringing both Praise and Teaching together for a wonderful blended sermon. Rev. Roman delivers not only a warm and touching service but one that will reach out and touch you.

Please feel free to join us this Sunday, and feel the POWER of GOD touch you !


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