Membership Drive 2014

Yes Sunset Church turned 50 years old last year, however be it known that we are not your Grand Parents Church, Sunset Congregational Church has a more relaxed and contemporary way of Worshiping and Giving Praise to God. We may be a smaller more personal Church and House of God, but we give Praise as if we were a large Mega Church. This year we are reaching out to everyone with a invitation and a challenge to join us for at least one Sunday morning service, and see for yourself how God can touch you and fill you with the spirit all while in a relaxed and comfortable contemporary setting, where socks are optional but Grace is required.


Sunset Congregational Church Challenge

Reach out SundayAre you Up for a Challenge? Sunset Congregational Church CHALLENGES everyone to reach out to Family, Friends and Neighbors and invite them to Church. Imagine if there were 50 members and they brought just one friend, we would then have 100 people sitting in the pews, but lets go one step farther and vision just half of the fifty visitors returned with one of their friends.. Wow now we’re talking.

This is our challenge to you, Invite just one (or more) people to Church this Sunday and let’s see the Church Membership grow. They Call this God’s Work, we call it our responsibility as Christian to spread the Gospel.





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Sunset Morning Service
10:00 am – 11:00

Fellowship Hour
11:00 am – Noon

Sunday Spanish Service
11:30 am – 12:30

Children’s Sunday School
10:00 am / 11:30 am