Sunset Congregational Church Board of Deacons:


The office of deacon in today’s church has its roots inboard_of_decons the office of deacon in the early church. The word deacon comes from the Greek word diakonos which means servant. Deacons give leadership to the church’s ministry of serving the physical and spiritual needs of members and people beyond the church.

Responsibilities of a Deacon of the Church
These responsibilities are often carried out by deacons. Your church needs to be clear about which are yours:

  • Determining your tasks.
  • Establishing clear and workable directions, goals and plans of action.
  • Helping the congregation understand and value the work of the deacons.
  • Developing a budget for the deacons.
  • Planning and overseeing the church’s ministry of service and caring for its members and the community.
  • Leading the annual stewardship. Education and promotion program.
  • Working at the resolution of conflicts that arise within the church.
  • Assisting in planning worship services and arranging lay leadership for the services.
  • Attending church services regularly.
  • Preparing for, serving and cleaning up after communion.
  • Helping make arrangements for and participating in services of baptism.
  • Ushering.
  • Visiting sick persons, persons who cannot get to church, prospective members and those in crisis.
  • Devising a plan for visitation and care for all members and newcomers.

Sunset Congregational Church, Current Board of Deacons:

Pastor Richard Singleton – Chairperson
Phyllis Hudson – Dave Parker – Marta Roman – Lucille Walters

Contact the Board of Deacons at (305)-596-0778 ( Church Office )


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