The SCC STEM Program

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. STEM. In what ways is STEM education offered in Sunset Congregational Church? At Sunset Congregational Church we recognize that STEM learning is an important part of educating participants today. STEM education is not going away. Participants studying STEM related studies at the High School level are up 20% since 2009

This year Sunset Congregational Church is starting a weekly STEM program complete with a League of professional Teachers and Professor’s with a top notch learning curriculum. We will be accepting thirty new high school level participants in this new program. Participants will be tutored in Science, Technology, Math and Engineering in a relaxed stress free setting. As our TEAM of professional Teachers and Professors educate participants at Sunset Congregational Church, it is our goal to provide more opportunities for learning both in and out of the classroom.

We will be accepting Applications for the SCC STEM Program this September.

The SCC STEM Program of Study

The acronym STEM is fairly specific in nature referring to science, technology, engineering and mathematics; however, the concept of STEM encompasses much more than the sum of its parts. Workers in STEM occupations use science and math to solve problems and drive our nation’s innovation and competitiveness by generating new ideas, new companies and new industries. STEM programs of study are typically classified based upon four occupational clusters: computer technology; mathematical sciences; engineering.

The SCC STEM program at Sunset Congregational Church embraces the integration of technology and engineering in science and mathematics. In addition SCC STEM program includes the following features:

A curriculum driven by problem‐solving, discovery and exploratory learning that requires participants to actively engage a situation in order to find its solution.

Nature of technology; engineering design; and systems thinking, maintenance and troubleshooting incorporated into the science and mathematics curricula.

Innovative instructions that allow participants to explore greater depths of all of the subjects by utilizing the Skills learned.

Technology that provides creative and innovative ways to solve problems and apply what has been learned.

Independent and collaborative research projects embedded in the curricula.

Collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills threaded throughout the curricula.

Opportunities for mentoring by business, industry, and research organization leaders from our Community.

The SCC  STEM program will not be limited to anyone. The program will strive to increase the number of students enrolled, with emphasis on participants from underrepresented sub-populations as well as those who may be struggling. Even those participants who struggle in math and science during school can succeed on the job; with perseverance, many people who may have had difficulty with early math or science classes can later thrive in a STEM career.


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