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Sunset Congregational Church Web Ministries would like to start off by saying Thank You for visiting our website and exploring all the web ministries offers through the Church and its outreach programs.

Our Web Ministries Mission:
To strengthen Sunset Congregational Church, equip everyone with the right tools and reach out to all mankind No matter who you are or where you are.

Our Web Ministries Vision:
To become an effective leader in multi-media Christian publishing arena that provides high quality resources and excellent services to the Christian community in the Miami, Florida area and beyond.

Our Main Purpose:
To develop, publish, promote and distribute excellent yet enjoyable resources for God’s people to reach today’s world using the World Wide Web such as our website, Christian Radio Station, and internet outreach tools.

The Values of Sunset Congregational Web Ministries:

The letters of the word best summarize these biblical values:

Bible-based. We take great pride in providing the best theologically sound material that are strongly grounded in the Word of God. Sunset Congregational Church Web Ministry accepts the Bible as God’s Word, which is divinely inspired, inerrant and sufficient for all matters pertaining to faith and practice.

Stewardship :
We strive to remain faithful with the blessings of God through donations from our website, e-classified Christian Market Place and our Sunset Christian Radio Station. God has entrusted to us to keep our Ministries moving forward without sacrificing the quality of services we offer. Through Faith in God and your personal donations to Sunset Congregational Church Web Ministries we will continue to reach out to everyone with the word of God, so all may know the Kingdom of Heaven through Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior.



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